About Us

Disruptive Performers Logo.png

Disruptive Performers was formed in 2019, by a group of people in Whangarei, wanting to explore new and exciting forms of theatre and performance and to create a place where the performers can do the kind of shows that they want to do.

Call it experimental theatre!!!! Call it experiential theatre!!!!

It is our goal to present hard hitting/ locally written theatrical performances for the enjoyment of the people of Whangarei and the surrounding districts. We also aim to have a strong focus on youth performers and to do the kind of shows they they find interesting. Something that other theatre companies can find irrelevant. We are currently based in the suburb of Kamo, where we hold rehearsals for our upcoming productions two nights a week.

Disruptive Performers may still be finding our place in the world of performing and theatre, however we do promise that we will achieve as high a level of performance as we possibly can. One that will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Disruptive Performers is for everybody to be a part of and to enjoy. We look forward to working with you and entertaining you.