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17th June - 26th June

OneOneSix - 116 Bank Street, Whangarei



Blood High is a murder mystery/ horror comedy with so many shocking and surprising twists, you'll be hanging on to the edge of your seat until the very last scene...


A prestigious boarding school, becomes the focus of a police investigation after a beautiful teacher is found dead in her classroom, late one night. Everyone believes that the death is a suicide due to Ms. Bradley’s supposed affair with a student, but Yasmine Kuiper, the deputy head girl at West Glade High, is adamant that she saw someone leaving the classroom just before the body was discovered. Convinced that there is a killer stalking the hallways of her school, Yasmine is determined to get to the bottom of what happened, and soon those who believe her version of events are coming up with their own theories on who the possible killer could be and why they would be seeking revenge on the school. No one is safe and everyone is a suspect.

PG-13: This show is a dark comedy and contains mild language, horror scenes and drug references.


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